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Benefits of Walk-In-Baths in San Diego

Walk-in tubs can be the perfect choice for anyone dealing with mobility issues, especially people who are aging and those with disabilities in San Diego. These bathtubs are quite different from the conventional ones in a variety of ways.

The walk-in tub features a side door for easy entry and exit and a comfortable seat. Some models even have spa-like features for added comfort. Continue reading to find out more about the walk-in bath installation benefits in San Diego.

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Benefits of walk-in baths in San Diego:

No leaking – The first and foremost benefit of using a walk-in tub is that it makes bathing easier for seniors with mobility issues. These walk-in tubs in San Diego are designed to prevent slipping because of water spillage, as seen on ordinary bathtubs. There is no chance for water leakage from the tub.

The inside of these tubs is created in a way to hold more water without leakage. Quality materials go into making your tub, so don’t worry about such issues. The tub isn’t filled with water until the door is closed. The door has a sealing edge and doesn’t open until the water in the tub is drained.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant seat – For walking in bathtubs to be ADA compliant, its manufacture, installation and design should comply with the ADA code. ADA compliant products are specifically designed to make their usage comfortable, safe, and easy for people with limited mobility and disabilities.

Hence, you should watch out for ADA compliant seat while purchasing a bathtub. Those seats would make you comfortable and give you a pleasing moment. And rest assured, you would be safe from undesirable falls. Almost every reputed company that sells bathroom products have ADA compliance on their products.

Non-Slip Floor – Because of mobility issues, seniors are at a high risk of falls. And, the majority of those falls occur in the bathrooms. Those falls are a significant concern of the aging population. According to the Center for Disease Control, the cost of these falls is expected to rise.

The statistics are astonishing. For example, the hospital cost as a result of fall injury may go up to $35,000. This is the reason why you should invest in a good walk-in tub. If you consider the total cost and associated problems with fall, you will find that walk-in tubs can significantly reduce those risks.

Hydromassage System – Ever wondered why seniors perform exercises in a swimming pool? This is because of hydrotherapy. Water can be used to help reduce pain, and it has been proven since the ancient Egyptians. The hydromassage system in these bathtubs includes whirlpool jets and therapeutic air.

By combining message, buoyancy, and heat, the hydromassage system eases away pains and aches. Seniors are always struggling with symptoms like arthritis, circulation, fibromyalgia, and so on. The warm water soothes the hard muscles and releases endorphins, which is the body’s natural painkillers. Many of these tubs include a hand shower that gives the feeling of a shower.

Low Step Entry – The walk-in bathtubs are specifically designed for people in San Diego who have trouble stepping over the side of a standard bathtub when entering or exiting. With the help of a side door and a low step entry, these walk-in tubs prevent slips and falls.

When buying walking in tubs for seniors, be sure to choose one that has the industry-leading safety features, and includes the lowest step-in available on the market measuring at about 3 inches high. Choose the widest door available for a smooth entry and exit.

Bathing Support Harness – A bathing support harness is designed for people with specific mobility challenges. With the help of this harness, you can enjoy a more luxurious and safer bath in your bathtubs. The harness secures your body from three sides, each side of the tub seat and tub deck behind your seat.

This harness provides worry-free torso support. Adjustable shoulder straps and a large buckle makes it convenient and smooth. Not only is it helpful for persons who are bathing, but it is of great benefit to caretakers who assist their loved ones in and out of the bathtubs.

When you are selecting a walk-in tub in San Diego, consider buying one that blends in comfort, safety, and affordability. These bathtubs come in various types and sizes. They are an important addition to any bathroom in San Diego and beneficial to people with mobility issues.

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