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The Pros and Cons of Walk-In-Baths in Mesa, Arizona

With new technologies gracing the home improvement industry daily, it’s wise to incorporate a walk-in tub in your property in Mesa, Arizona. The demand for walk-in tubs has been on the rise since the first model hit the market. The available models vary in size and designs, and you should pick one that will satisfy your needs and meet your housing condition.

If you are investing in a modern bathroom, adding a walk-in bathtub is one of the incredible ways of giving it some flair. You will also restore the independence of the senior person or anyone with mobility problems using the bathroom. However, purchasing a walk-in bathtub in Mesa, Arizona can be an easy decision.

It’s advisable to research widely, consult extensively, and seek recommendations on the best model to pick in the market. Significantly, make sure you are purchasing your favorite model from a reputed dealer. In this light, there are pros and cons of a walk-in bathtub to guide you in your endeavors.

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Pros of Walk-In Tubs in Mesa, Arizona​

1. Water Depth

A walk-in tub guarantees incomparable comfort thanks to the fact that it provides a deeper water depth. A walk-in tub can provide enough water depth, and the user does not have to struggle when bathing.

A well-built walk-in bathtub provides nearly four feet of water depth, which is for a comfortable soaking experience even when seated. Bathtubs come with seats that are set about 17 inches high, and there is enough depth for one to soak the torso.

2. Incredible Safety Features

As you look at the walk-in bath benefits in Mesa, Arizona, safety is a key consideration that will, without a doubt, appeal to you. These tubs are designed to provide maximum protection and prevent falls. Walk-in tubs feature built-in handrails, anti-slip flooring, low step height for entry, and fashioned built-in seating.

Go on and pick a model that comes with wide doors built to allow users in wheelchairs to transfer to the bathtub seat on their own. And if you want to stay off hot water burns, go for a tub design that features a scald prevention valve.

3. Cost of walk-in tubs

A walk-in bathtub can cost you a lot of money, and this is a worthy investment for many people. The available models come combined with all the necessary features in one package. This is an innovation that saves you a lot of money needed to construct all these features separately. A walk-in tub can as well increase the value of your home.

4. Great for Hydrotherapy

A bathtub offers fantastic health effects to its user. Warm water helps reduce pains, aches, and speeds the healing of injuries. Hydrotherapy is excellent for dealing with conditions such as arthritis and joint pain.

5. Comparable Water Usage

The size of the walk-in tub that you choose determines the amount of water used. The good news? There are walk-in tubs that are narrower enough to hold even fewer gallons of water.

Cons of Walk-In Tubs

1. Takes Time to Fill and Drain

A walk-in bathtub comes with a door in one side of the equipment, and you cannot fill or drain water while the door is open. You will end spending a considerable amount of water sitting in the tub until it can fill up. Then you will still wait for the water to drain while sitting there before you can exit.

2. Adjusting the Temperature

You must enter the tub before you fill it, and there is no chance to adjust the water as it fills without exposing your body to the hot water. You have to sit in the tub before it loads and drains. To prevent burns, pick a model that comes with a scald prevention valve.

3. Installation Cost

Walk-in tubs can be costly, and it is not that easy to install one in your home. Installation cost varies due to the complexity of the entire process and the size of your bathroom. Your water heater has to support your tub, and if it does not. You have to buy a new one.

4. Risk of Becoming Chilled

Because you have to sit in your tub before the water gets filled, and for the water to drain, there are high chances you will become chilled. As a senior, chilly temperatures can combine with any condition you suffering from and lead to severe complications.

5. Possibility of Flooding

Remember, you have to fill your tub with dozens of gallons of water before bathing. If the tub door is not appropriately secured, the water can spill all over your home and cause flooding, especially if you live alone and independently.

To Sum Up

Walk-in bathtubs in Mesa, Arizona present seniors and people with disabilities with unmatched benefits. There are incredible designs you can purchase, but it’s wise to always pick the best model in the market. Go for a model that is safe and comfortable to use and guarantees unparalleled bathing experience.

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